10 Designer Hostels You'll Actually Want To Stay In

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Bali has developed into a hub for digital nomads and conscious travellers and Kosta epitomises the eco-travel movement in the area. Close enough to action-central Canggu but still offering a quiet retreat, the property is recycled from old Balinese houses and comes with a pool nestled in its lush garden. Whether you’re heading to the island to surf, party or relax, this place feels like an Asian version of Alice’s Wonderland, where turquoise-painted walls and frames match rustic stone floors, furniture and contemporary room accessories.  The lodge is run by professional surfers who can not only advise on where to hit the best waves, but are happy to show you around the peaceful place they call home.

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More the style of a boutique hotel than a hostel

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More the style of a boutique hotel than a hostel, swank Kosta Hostel is a little out of the way, but as it’s such a terrific option it still deserves consideration.

Kosta is tucked away in Jalan Dewi Saraswati III, a little off the main drag yet still only about two kilometres to the beach or one-and-a-half to Eat Street. Kosta was up and running but unofficially open when we dropped by in June 2017 and they were still putting the finishing touches on some facilities...

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Chill & Cheap Getaways: Relax In South-East Asia On a shoestring

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It is not a great secret that Southeast Asia is one of the most affordable exotic world destinations modern traveler can visit. Still, browsing through the resorts offer can bring some pessimism into your dreams of a paradise getaway; it is true, even in cheap countries, one can be easily thunderstruck with the prices of the luxury relaxation in the offer.

Well, chill out! Pipeaway is bringing you the list of some of the most chilled out places in Southeast Asia! Technically somewhere between the hostels and the guesthouses, these properties promise you can leave your worries behind, close your eyes, take a deep breath and completely immerse in the chill attitude...

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Insane Hostel Pools That’ll Make you Quit your Job to Travel

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Let’s be honest, nothing seals the deal more than an amazing hostel and pool combo. Not a lame-ass paddling pool, a real, shimmering, crystal clear swimming pool. Hostelling á la piscine is the ultimate hostel luxury, especially if you are in warmer climes! Even celebrities love our hostel pools  Our sources say they have been known to cure a hangover. From rooftops to palm-tree lined gardens, here are the hostel elite that boast the sexiest pools and beyond…

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